I am a photojournalist and set photographer, originally from sunny and eternal Rome, Italy.
My love of photography started in the early 90s when I saw an image come up in the
developer tray and I thought it was magical. At that time I was in love with the smell of film, the great beauty of my city and theater photography. 

Then I became a professional nomad. I traveled for years to experience the world through photography, always hunting for natural light and candid moments. During those years I was constantly meeting people, finding unexpected moments and seeking adventure. 

Now my home is in New York City where I love my work as freelancer.
My photography blends compassion and curiosity. The subjects are mainly social and
political with a rich sense of place and a strong focus on humanity. I am an ICP
alumnus and a regular and proud contributor to Shoot4Change, a non-profit
organization that focuses on humanitarian reportage. 
Other than photography, I am a tea lover, computer geek and bike enthusiast.